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The Awkward Silence are a sketch comedy double act. They're Ralph Jones and Vyvyan Almond. Yes, that's them on the right there - those gentlemen looking rather SILLY!

They've written and performed a range of stage shows - The Voyage of The Narwhal, Racketeers, The Bastard King, and Bufo Bufo - and in 2022 they're taking up to the Edinburgh Fringe a musical, The Awkward Silence's Big Break, and a sketch show, Enter the Vortex. They've also released an improvised podcast called Disgraced and the pilot episode of a scripted podcast called Mea Culpa.

In 2020 they were runners-up in the Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off competition, and in 2021 they won two DAFTAs for their short spoof of The Mauritanian and were shortlisted for a Writers' Guild Award for their sketch 'Where Did It Come From? The Hat'.


Ralph Image Vortex 1.png


Ralph is a freelance writer who has written for a range of places including The New Yorker, The GuardianVice, and GQ. In his time he has won a six-foot dildo throne, become best friends with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and written two books.

He runs and appears in an improv comedy night called Criminalin which performers have to solve a murder over the course of the evening.


His personal website is right here.

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Brought up in Greenwich (and yet somehow always late), Vyvyan is a part-time actor and illustrator with a fondness for Early Medieval Reenactment and folk singing.

A former member of The Oxford Revue, he has performed Shakespeare at the Saatchi Gallery and appeared as a member of perhaps the least popular team in the history of the television quiz show Only Connect.

If Vyvyan could only eat one meal every day for the rest of his life, he'd be quite put out.

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